Local Businesses Drive Our Economy Forward

They create jobs, uplift our communities, and empower our families. And within local business communities across the country, local restaurants are a mainstay, employing about ten percent of the U.S. workforce.


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We make some of your favorite foods and drinks right around the corner from your home. We’re employees and local business owners. We’re consumers, like you, and we’re ordinary citizens.

We’re defined by the independence it takes to pursue our dreams as local business owners – helping empower the lives of workers and lift the communities we care about.

But legislation is making its way across the country that could affect the ability for local business owners, and especially restaurants, to grow and support their communities. And we need your help. Learn more about what local restaurants are facing and help us save local restaurants across our country.

Key Business Statistics

Nearly ½

of Restaurant Businesses are Owned by Women (Source: Restaurant Owner Demographics)


people expected to be employed by the industry by the end of 2023 (Source: 2023 State of the Restaurant Industry)

4 in 10

Restaurant Businesses are owned by Minorities (Source: Restaurant Owner Demographics)