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Nationally, the foodservice industry consists of over one million restaurant and foodservice outlets employing about fifteen million people—about ten percent of the U.S. workforce.

Despite being mostly small businesses, the foodservice industry is the nation’s second-largest private-sector employer.

During a time of already high inflation, our communities don’t need policies that make it harder to live, work and own a business.

Unfortunately, burdensome legislative policies – disguised as efforts to help employees – are moving forward in state legislatures that create distance between local business owners and the employees and communities they serve.

Whether imposing corporate handholding or creating large, unchecked government bureaucracies aimed at regulating locally owned businesses, policies aimed at the quick-service restaurant industry can have devasting effects on our communities and our small business job creators. These policies typically mean increased costs for consumers. And for small business, those increases could mean losing jobs and passing along increased costs to consumers.

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Lawmakers in Minneapolis are considering a proposal to establish a “Labor Standards Board” that would allow for the creation of sector-specific boards of unelected political appointees to recommend working condition, wage, and other standards.

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