January 28, 2023

Steven & Peggy Johns – Tropical Smoothie Café, Texas

Steven and Peggy Johns went from serving their nation to serving the veterans in their community. Meeting at Naval Air Station Kingsville in Texas, both are veterans of the Gulf War. Steven retired as a Chief Petty Officer, and Peggy retired from the Navy as a Military Police Officer.

While in the Navy, they both learned invaluable skills that apply seamlessly to franchising—how to lead, the value of honesty, and how to serve others. Now, in their new profession, they take pride in offering opportunities to their community, but especially veterans, military spouses, and children of servicemembers.

Steven and Peggy are the shining example of what it looks like to be an active member of your community, and they use franchising as the source. For this reason, they want to ensure legislators understand that any policy seeking to disrupt the franchise model can have serious unintended consequences.