January 28, 2023

Sanna Shere – Burger King, California

Sanna Shere’s father immigrated to America in 1978 with only $5 in his pocket, chasing the American dream of owning a business. After a decade of hard work, that dream became a reality, and he invested every penny he had into opening his first Burger King location in Santa Ana, California.

Their Burger King location was more than a business, it was part of their family. When they could not afford family vacations, they would go to their Burger King and play on the playground and enjoy a milkshake. Their business was the foundation of her childhood.

While Sanna was pursuing her own career in the corporate world, her fathers’ health declined, and she moved home to take over the family business. What started as one location has now expanded into 21 locations throughout southern California—and the foundation of communities across the region.

Sanna is passionate about providing members of her community with the same sense of home she felt growing up. From routine coffee customers to church gatherings, she sees her businesses becoming a place of togetherness within communities—which is why her mission to protect franchising remains steadfast. When Sanna became aware of burdensome legislation that could have devastating impacts on the industry, she knew she wanted to raise her voice to show how pivotal franchises are in their communities.